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Discussing how families can discover and design the collective vision, values, beliefs, and traditions that shape our family culture.




Hi, I'm Jodi! I am just an average homeschooling mom living in Virginia. I am a recovering perfectionist, purveyor of references to self-improvement books, and I love to sing. I am active in my church, and currently serve as the president of the children's organization in my congregation. I volunteer for my local homeschool convention. I like to say that I am also in pursuit of fitness, freedom, and family joy.

I started this podcast because I am passionate about my family! I first started noticing this idea of family culture when I met a couple with two very different backgrounds who weren't getting along very well. When I asked someone in a similar situation who were thriving in their marriage what they do, he said they agreed on letting go of their backgrounds and adopting the same family culture that would make their family successful. This has really gotten me thinking. My husband and I come from very similar situations and share the same values and beliefs, but even we needed to learn how to agree on what our unique family culture would be like. Then, I was watching the Olympics, and seeing videos of young prodigies succeeding at life, and I started to think that someone in their family figured out what they valued and made it a part of their family culture. How, though?

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