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Dec 12, 2017

BOLAJI O (DOCTOR HERO) is a superhero movie producer and the bestselling author of the 50-book Brave Young Heroes series.  His goal is to give every kid who’s ever felt like an underdog, a superhero that is just like them. Bolaji uses story to teach children how to overcome adversity, and change the world.

This is another longer episode, but SO worth it!  I had such a great conversation with Bolaji!  He's such an amazing person, and it was so easy to talk about this topic with him.  There are so many great gems in this episode! Bolaji and I start our conversation talking about how he got started on his journey as an entrepreneur.  I loved this part of our conversation because this is something I have been learning about myself, especially after my conversation with MJ DeMarco, the entrepreneur and author.  He talks about the hero's journey, just like I talked about with Kathy Mellor in more detail, and how he was reluctant to answer the call to do something different than the status quo at first.  He told of the inspiration for starting his journey and changing the course of his life. Then, Bolaji talks about the inspiration for why he writes about super heroes to help kids cope with the trials of their lives.   There is a subtle difference between super villains and super heroes.  We can all raise our kids to be super, but are we also guiding them to be heroes?  Bolaji talks about what distinguishes heroes from villains.  The difference comes from how the heroes and villains react to trauma, and whether they have the virtues Bolaji lists as qualities of a hero in his latest book (below). Gem: "Are we preparing the path for our children or are we preparing our children for the path?" We talked in detail about his new book I, S.U.P.E.R.: How to Raise a Superhero; and what each letter in the acronym stands for: I - Identity S - Super Powers U - Unlimited Gratitude P - Purpose E - Empathy R - Resilience You will have to listen to find out how each of these apply to the hero's journey, and how they distinguish heroes from villains.  We can incorporate each of these traits into our family culture through our values, our conversations, in the way we instruct and discipline.  We are guiding our children to be heroes, not just to be super.  Make super hero training a part of your family culture by supporting the hero in each of our kids.

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