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Discussing how families can discover and design the collective vision, values, beliefs, and traditions that shape our family culture.



May 29, 2018

Crystal Paschal is a wife, mom of 3 boys, and a teacher-turned-homeschooling parent. She’s also the bookworm behind Fundamental Children’s Books, an online resource that helps parents find great books for their kids. Crystal loves to read (of course!), and she also loves running, crochet, and a good cup of coffee. You can find her online at

Crystal and I discuss why reading is so important to our family culture. Reading to our children is like glue that brings us together to have a shared experience. Reading conveys to our children that reading is an important value. Reading books that express our values also helps teach our children those values, such as empathy, or resilience. Start making reading a habit, even if it's just five minutes a day. Put away that shame that you aren't doing enough if you aren't reading the "right" amount or at the "right" times. The right amount, and the right times, are the amounts and times that work for your family.  Audiobooks can be a great way to get into reading. There are lots of ways to access great audiobooks. Of course there's Audible, or you can use your local library app to borrow audiobooks, and CDs from the library. Or you could check out where you can access any public domain audiobooks. (Side note: I gave volunteering at LibriVox a try, and you can listen to my chapter (15) in Little Women, here). We like to listen to books while we're doing chores, having quiet play time, or while we're driving.

Also, Institute for Excellence in Writing, has great resources. One of my favorites:

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